5 Wine Tasting Techniques You Should Know

With wine tasting season right around the corner, we want you armed with the best techniques to get the most out of your winery visits.

Most tasting rooms have a set list of wines available for tasting, often starting with the lightest and most dry white wine and finishing with the heaviest, most bold red.

We like to encourage our guests to follow the 5 S’s of wine tasting… all of these steps help to prepare your palate for what you’re about to taste and will help you understand why you like or dislike a wine.

1. Sight – Look for any impurities, take note of the colour, especially with red wines. Colour can indicate age – more of that to come on another post ;)

2. Swirl  – Swirling the wine in your glass allows it to incorporate oxygen and release the aromas.

3. Smell – Take note of certain characteristics – is it fruity? Earthy? Spicy? This will make sure your palate isn’t in shock when you take that first sip.

4. Sip – We encourage our guests to take three sips of each tasting pour. The first sip neutralizes your palate, the second allows you to process what you’re tasting and the third is to decide if you enjoy the wine.

5. Savour – Feel free to use those fancy spittoons, or go ahead and enjoy the wine without spitting.

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