Charcuterie Board Tips and Tricks

Looking for your new favourite summer meal? Charcuterie boards are a great way to put out a casual (but beautiful) option for those summer evening get togethers. 

What you'll need:

  • A board (we love our branded ones from John Rousseau Designs in Summerland!)
  • Selection of proten
    • vegan cheeses are a great alternative to traditional dairy 
    • looking for a vegetarian protein? add an assortment of nuts or some grilled and sliced portobello mushrom
  • In season fruits and veggies (great for adding colour!)
  • Crackers and / or baguette
  • Dips - we love putting cups of hummus on our boards
  • Olives and other small 'fillers'

Start with your meats and cheeses - decide if you'd rather cut them into bit size pieces, or simply leave on the board with a knife beside them.

We suggest working from the edges of your board inwards, as these can provide a barrier for smaller objects that may roll off easier. 

Chop up your fruit and veggies and arrange in the middle of the board - don't forget to leave room for crackers or bread on the side!

If you find you do run out of room, crackers and baguette slices look great in a basket beside your board, 

Fill any empty spots in with nuts, dips, and olives! Either lay these out or put them in small bowls throughout the board. 


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