Lays BBQ Chips and Perseus Winery

The Food – Lays BBQ potato chips, $4.99

The Wine – Perseus 2014 Syrah, $28.74

When you first arrive at Perseus Winery, the first thing you notice are a plethora of ‘keep quiet’ signs in the parking lot. You wonder if you’re about to have the world’s most somber wine tasting. But the moment you step into the tasting room, you’re greeted by a cheerful staff member ready to make sure you have LOTS of fun. The staff are charming and very knowledgeable about their wines, and are genuinely interested in ensuring that you have a fantastic experience.

Perseus has been in a years-long battle with the liquor control overlords to gain the privilege of serving a glass of their own wine on their own patio. While this isn’t the time or place to comment on the Draconian liquor laws of this province, let’s just say that the issue of patio licenses is so heated that at one point there was a formal picket and protest.

I love that Perseus chose to go the ultra-traditional route and put some Viognier (5%) in their Syrah. It really helps to balance out the mouthfeel and round out the aromas on the wine. This Syrah has a nice balance of oak influence, paired with peppery notes and dark fruity flavours.

Why it works

This pairing is so epic that they actually use it at the winery for their staff tasting and training sessions. The Syrah is strong enough to play down the strong smoky flavour of the chips, but the chips are strong enough to hold their own against the Syrah. The combination brings out a bit of a sweet flavour in the wine, letting the vanilla and berry notes really stand out. It’s a perfect combination that makes you want one more bite of chips, then one more sip of wine, then one more bite of chips….

When to pair it

When the new season of Orange Is The New Black comes out, and you know you’re dedicating a solid day to sitting on the couch and need both alcohol and sustenance. 

Guest taster

Today my guest taster was none other than the beautiful, charming Celesital Overseer of Perseus Winery, Lindsey Richardson (and yes that’s her official job title). We hit up a few wineries on our tasting day, so check back to see some more of our shenanigans in the weeks to come.

Our first guest blog! Thank you to winemaker Katie O’Kell for featuring us. Check out her blog at

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