2016 Sparkling Star Struck Frizzante

2016 Sparkling Star Struck Frizzante

Range info:

While a single star is brilliant, a constellation of stars is what stands out in the night sky. Like a constellation, we believe that things are best when you have others around you to help you shine. With this range of wines we plan to give back to the communities we come from. When individuals unite for a good cause, the results are certain to brighten the dark night and make way to better tomorrow and that is why we will be donating 10% of proceeds to a local charity of choice.

Tasting notes:

A fresh, fruity and effervescent Frizzante and is made from mixture of classic Okanagan aromatic grape varieties. Bursting with exuberant peach and spice flavours this refreshing sparkler is worth celebrating with a wide range of food and situations, plus as they drinking a sparkling wine truly is like drinking the stars!